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Most of its other category scores are decent, except for crime, open space and congestion. On the plus side, Sandhurst has a very good crime score and is ranked fifth in the open space category. The elements most dragging down Ringwood Easts overall rank are culture, open space and coast proximity. The suburb has the most open space of any suburb in Melbourne, a low crime rate, and excellent topographic variation. Schools are also in adequate supply here. The national crime report data for 2023 was projected from 10 years of actual data. Cafes are also a strength. Frankston South has a good score for crime, is close to the water, has a decent amount of open space and ranks third best for congestion. The same can be said for its culture, retail and open space. Better access to schools would boost Elthams overall ranking even higher. The suburb would also benefit from more schools, more tree cover, improved topographic variation and better walkability. Avondale Heights, which borders Maribyrnong 12 kilometres north-west of the city, benefits from nearby trams and copious amounts of open space across hilly streets. Its highest scores are for trams and buses, but Elsternwick is also in the top 50 for retail, cafes, employment, and coast proximity. Waterways is about 25 kilometres southof the CBD, and, as its name suggests, is not far from the water. Download Historical Data Save as Image From: To: Zoom: The suburbs only access to public transport is a single bus route. What the suburb lacks are physical attributes such as hills, and it scores the second lowest across the city for open space. Access to trams (route 75 runs right through the middle), tree cover and topographic variation are Burwoods key strengths. The areas liveability is dragged down by a poor crime score, little tree cover, and not being close to many schools. Burnley rates relatively well across the board except for buses, crime rate, primary schools and congestion. Sandringham, 19 kilometres south east of the CBD, is by far the furthest suburb from the city to make the top 30 of this list. Caulfield rates well for culture, access to trams, employment and tree cover. Alphingtons highest score is for trains where it considered to be the citys seventh best, and its lowest is 234th for congestion. Coburg North ranks in the top 50 suburbs for both retail and access to trams. The suburbs weakest point is crime, and its overall rank is affected by being far from the coast. Campbellfield would also benefit from more schools and tree cover, and it loses points for being far from the coast. Fitzroy is another big mover in this list largely because of its walkability that this study ranks as best in Melbourne. Doncaster Easts neighbour Donvale has very small retail and cafe sectors and public transport is scarce. What does do well for are trams, buses, employment, education and walkability. Moonee Ponds ranks higher for liveability than most other suburbs in its council because of its third-place rank in the access to trains indicator plus top 40 retail and cafe ranks. On the plus side, crime is low and traffic isnt an issue. It is also one of the top 10 least walkable suburbs in Melbourne. The suburb also has low crime and decent proximity to schools, but could do with quieter roads, a larger cultural sector and more open space. Black Rocks biggest assets are its open space, culture, proximity to the coast and a low crime rate. Sunshine benefits from having excellent access to trains and buses, a strong retail sector, and decent walkability. Residents in the area benefit from very low crime the fourth best ranking in the city good proximity to schools, clear roads and excellent topographic variation. Its distribution of open space is also in good supply. Located next to Eltham and 18 kilometres north-eastof the CBD, Montmorency ranks well due to its decent train and bus services, proximity to education, low crime, plus excellent tree cover and hilly streets. Ok maybe not literally, but theres a place where youll feel right at home, that ticks all your boxes and suits your lifestyle like a second skin.

Employment, culture and cafes are the suburbs other high rating qualities, but it does score above average in almost all categories assessed. Here is the more specific data: Many homicides. Caulfield East scores well for culture and has decent cafes, train access (because Caulfield station is actually in Caulfield East), tram access and employment. The only areas where Aberfeldie is below average are trains, walkability and congestion, and even then, it doesnt rank in the bottom 100 suburbs for any of these factors. Junction Village is a small suburb near Cranbourne and 45 kilometres south-east of the city. Other Carrum Downs areas that show significant room for improvement are tree cover, education and employment. The suburb also ranks in the top 10 for culture, retail, employment and total education. While access to trains and buses isnt the best here, there is a decent tram network. Its score for open space is also poor. Ivanhoe is Banyule Councils most liveable suburb. The suburbs weakest. Templestowe Lower records very positive scores in some areas but poor ones in others. Glen Waverleys neighbour, Wantirna South performs well in the areas of culture, retail, cafes and open space. >>Show crime rate ranking Top 5 Realestate Agent The suburb is also not too far from the coast and has generous tree cover. It is in the bottom 10 suburbs for tree cover, and topographic variation. It scores several points for its relatively hilly landscape, trains, buses, low crime rate and access to secondary schools. Kilsyth South is 32 kilometres eastof the CBD in the area before Mount Dandenong. More in the way of culture, retail, employment, walkability, cafes and better train access is needed for a better overall score. Albanvale is 19 kilometres west of the CBD. According to the Albuquerque Police's annual report on crime, there were 46,391 property crimes and 15,765 violent crimes recorded in 2021. The only areas for which Glen Iris scores exceptionally well are buses and tree cover, but it does rank in the top third of Melbourne suburbs across most areas assessed in this study, leading to an overall top 50 rank. Here are the top 10 Perth suburbs to watch out for, according to the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA): East . Docklands liveability rank continues to rise. It ranks well below its sibling suburbs for culture and retail, although it is the best of the three for topographic variation and crime. What it lacks the most is proximity to education, topographic variation, and its ranking suffers from being a long distance from the coast. Hoppers Crossing has a large retail sector and ranks comparatively well for congestion, but in most other areas assessed, the suburb achieves only low scores. Rather than performing exceptionally well in a few key categories, Kensington rates above average in almost everything. Dragging down Keilor Parks overall ranking is the fact there is no nearby train station, plus employment is low, crime is high, and proximity to education is strongly lacking. Where Hampton South records low scores is in culture, cafes, employment and tree cover. On the plus side, the suburb ranks sixth best in the city for open space, has low crime, and theres good tree cover across hilly streets. West Melbourne doesnt rank higher overall is because of its poor proximity to schools, high crime, flat landscape and congested roads. Wantirna recorded a population of 14,237 at the 2021 census. McKinnon ranks number one for train access and second for secondary education. Crime in Albuquerque. Congested roads and crime have caused Middle Parks ranking to slip compared to previous years. The suburb has an excellent amount of open space and benefits from being close to the coast. The only major negatives are its relatively high crime ranking and congested roads, the latter of which are among the ten worst in the city. What drags down the suburbs overall liveability are low scores in several categories including topographic variation, culture, retail, cafes and employment. Its scores for tree cover and access to trains (due to those in nearby suburbs) are also decent. It ranks in the bottom 10 suburbs for both retail and cafes, but has the benefit of a low crime rate, generous open space and great topographic variation. These numbers place Albuquerque among America's most dangerous cities. According to incomplete data released by the FBI, violent crime fell by an estimated 1% in 2021 compared with the previous year. The number of criminal incidents of Burglary decreased by 52% from 2020 to 52 criminal incidents in the year ending 2021. Alphington marks Darebin Councils first entry into the liveable suburbs ranks. Kensingtons only low scores are for crime, congestion and tree cover. The 2019 statistics show the estimated rate of violent crime was 366.7 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants, and the estimated rate of property crime was 2,109.9 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants. It scores well for culture, retail, cafes, but its overall rank is dragged down by having the ranking bottom for crime in the city. The suburbs weakest point is access to buses for which it ranks worst in the city, followed by proximity to education, where it ranks second last. Other areas the suburb rates well for are buses, tree cover and topographic variation. The suburb is most lacking in open space, where is among the top 10 worst performers in the city, and it has a relatively high crime rate. Tree cover and walkability are also decent here. Langwarrin South has the best score in Melbourne for traffic congestion and a low crime rate, but not much else in terms of liveability. The suburb doesnt do well however on proximity to schools, particularly in terms of secondary education, and its crime score is among the 10 worst in Melbourne. Victoria Melbourne (Greater) Melton South Melton South, VIC 3338 3.4 (18 reviews) Ranked 348th best suburb by locals in Melbourne (Greater) Region, VIC Great for Internet access Gym and fitness Schools Public transport Childcare Not great for No ratings yet Who lives here? The remaining categories assessed in this study show several weaknesses in the area however, mainly in the form of minimal public transport, poor scores for crime, low proximity to schools and next to no open space. Walkability is also decent, but the lack of schools, trees and hills brings down its overall score. It also ranks well for culture, buses and topographic variation, and has the eighth best tree cover in Melbourne. What it lacks most is tree cover, for which it ranks equal last in the city for, and its scores for culture and employment are also poor. East Melbourne consistently performs well in this study is due to its outstanding scores for culture, cafes, employment and walkability all of which it ranks in the top 15 of the city for. Cremornes overall liveability has significantly improved due to its relatively high walkability plus outstanding cafe and retail scores first and second in Melbourne, respectively. In all other areas assessed, Springvale South ranks in the bottom half of all suburbs. More cafes, public transport and schools are also needed for a stronger ranking for Attwood. Knoxfield ranks in the top 50 suburbs for retail thanks mainly to Westfield Knox Shopping Centre. This new interactive suburb level crime mapping tool provides you with more information about the incidence of crimes against the person and crimes against property in your suburb or postcode area for the previous month. The area has a low crime rate, good proximity to schools, widespread tree cover, and it is easily accessible by tram and bus. The suburb is above average in all other areas measured except for secondary education, open space, tree cover, congestion and topographic variation. The suburb otherwise performs poorly in most areas assessed, particularly in terms of proximity to education, tree cover, cafes and employment. The suburb ranks well for retail due to its proximity to nearby Brandon Park and the level of employment in this sector. Whats dragging down Watsonia Norths overall average is its very low scores for retail (where its in the bottom 10) along with culture, walkability, cafes, education and employment. A lack of public transport, poor walkability and low employment hold Knoxfield back from offering better liveability. Surrounding suburbs Wantirna Median Rent The House rent is 8% higher than last year. Gladstone Parks overall rank would improve with higher scores in culture, employment and walkability. Carrum is a reasonably small suburb 33 kilometres south eastof the CBD. These crime maps compare the neighborhood crime rate with the national median of the most dangerous cities in each U.S. state. The suburb could be improved by added open space and less congestion on the roads. When the race of the offender was known, 55.9 percent were Black or African American, 41.1 percent were White, and 3.0 percent were of other races. Where Hampton East continues to do well is tree cover, access to trains and proximity to the coast. Aspendale Gardens is slightly inland from the water about 27 kilometres south-east of the CBD. Congested roads have contributed to St Kilda Easts decline in liveability. Narre Warrens biggest downfalls are its high crime rate, low employment and limited proximity to schools. worst in Melbourne), open space and congestion. What Dingley Village doesnt have are many cafes or schools, and it gets low scores for all three forms of public transport. Few shops and poor train access limit Middle Park from excelling further in liveability despite decent walkability. Total crime 127% Violent crime 212% Property crime 110% Find Homes Find Rentals Date & Last Updated: This data reflects the 2020 calendar year and was released from the FBI in September, 2021; this is the most current data available. She is a regular writer for Domain and The Age and holds a Bachelor of Journalism. Cranbourne East is a new addition to this list due to its outlying location 45kilometres south-eastof the CBD. The real facts tell us much more than stereotypes, or musingsboth of which obscure the well-documented disparate treatment accorded African Americans compared to whites within the justice system. With the exception of culture, open space and congestion, hilly and leafy Balwyn ranks reasonably well across the board. Camberwells increasing cafe culture is largely behind its rising rank on this list. More open space, culture, cafes and less busy roads would propel Box Hill Norths liveability to new heights. The 2019 Washington crime rate rose by 0% compared to 2018. Walkability and employment are also decent, but Moorabbin suffers from having minimal public transport (its train station is perched on the far side of its boundaries), a high crime score, few open spaces, congested roads and a relatively flat landscape. The introduction of new cafes to Warrandyte has boosted its overall liveability, complementing its consistently high scores for topographic variation, tree cover and open space. That being said, there are several positives of the area, including the roads being among the least congested in Melbourne, proximity to education is good and there is low crime. Other suburbs with same post code: Knox City Centre, Wantirna, Median age persons in 2011 was: 42 years old; Most of people in Wantirna South were born in Australia; Ancestors were mostly from: Australian; Median individual income in 2011 was: $552 per week; Median family income was: $1,710 per week; Median house price (2010): $469,400 The suburb also doesnt have great access to schools and has very little open space, but it is a solid performer for retail, cafes, trains, buses and walkability. Latest crime data by area Latest crime data by area Explore the latest crime statistics available for your local area through interactive crime tools. Its scores for retail and cafes are also above average. The reason the suburb doesnt rank higher on this list is because of its minimal open space, low walkability and poor scores for access to trains and buses. 2. The suburb offers great proximity to secondary schools and its scores for open space and congestion are above average.

These comments on racially disparate crime also overlook the area of "corporate crime." The areas it is weakest in are employment, crime, tree cover, topographic variation and coast proximity. Airport West is disadvantaged by not having a train station and it could also improve in the areas of open space and crime. The reason it ranks so low overall is because it ranks in the bottom five suburbs citywide for culture and retail, and the bottom 10 for cafes and employment. Amelia Barnes is a writer and journalist specialising in property and residential design reporting, specifically, Melbourne real estate, alternative housing and interior design. The FBI should release final data for 2020 in the fall, although . Bentleighs quality trains plus good employment, tree cover, coast proximity and retail scores make it a top 100 most liveable suburb. Dragging down its overall score is a poor ranking for train access, and the suburb doesnt fare well in the employment, crime, education and tree cover indicators, either. Areas that Keilor Park scores positively for include culture, topographic variation and retail. Parkville also doesnt rank very well for education either, however, its worth noting that universities were not measured in this study. Mount Waverley is the highest-ranking suburb in the Monash council area. The only low scores it achieves are for open space and congestion. Its overall rank can be attributed to decent scores in almost all categories, particularly buses, crime and education. Parkville scores very well for culture, cafes, trams, employment and open space. It scores the highest for its physical attributes including tree cover and topographic variation, along with cafes and employment. In most other areas it is a slightly above average performer, but it is let down by having minimal open space and some congestion. 2. What it scores best in currently is coast proximity, cafes, trains, tree cover and employment. What the suburb needs most is significantly more public transport and open space. Its best quality is the proximity to cafes, followed by employment, open space, and culture. [citation needed] Carnegie ranks number one for access trams in the city and is in the top 15 for bus access. Areas the suburb doesnt do as well in are cafes and congestion, and it scored poorly on crime. St Kilda East scores highest for employment. Have you taken the quiz to find your ideal suburb? Port Melbourne is a suburb with fluctuating liveability over time, largely due to changes in the methodology over time. Its declining rank on this list is mostly due to its crime score, in addition to recording very low scores for culture and cafes. Home median price ranks No.353 among 1286 suburbs of Victoria. Other areas it lacks in are culture, access to education, and proximity to the coast. Visit our Sydney Suburbs Crime Statistics page for a full statistical breakdown of crime rates for all major crime types in every suburb of Sydney per population. Weak scores in most other categories underpin Keilor Lodges low ranking on this list. Berwick is in need of better scores for culture, employment and tree cover for an improved overall rank and to overcome the fact it is relatively far from the coast and beyond the tram network. Springvale South has a good score for crime and great proximity to education. Small suburb Princes Hill achieves scores on either ends of the scale. Yallambie borders Viewbank and is 16 kilometres north-eastof the city. Oak Park, located 11 kilometres north-west of the CBD, gets few points for retail, cafes and culture, but it does have great trains, proximity to primary schools and hills. It does however do well in the congestion, crime, topographic variation and open space categories. The percentage of age 5 to 19 people (25%) is high. Richmond is another suburb that has been significantly boosted by its walkability score (it ranks 8th in this category). The suburbs scores vary wildly depending on the category being assessed. Better proximity to schools and more open space is also needed for a better overall score. There have been some changes to criteria since the last study in 2015, which has seen some suburbs tumble down the rankings and others soar, while some suburbs previously measured have been deemed insufficiently urban for the purposes of the 2019 study. Monash University students will know Notting Hill as a small suburb near the Clayton campus. Located 23 kilometres north-westof the CBD, Taylors Lakes has a well-sized retail sector and rarely experiences congested roads. 733-411-10S and Security Registration (Vic.) U.S. crime rate & statistics for 2019 was 5.07, a 1.19% increase from 2018. Its best quality is the proximity to cafes, followed by employment, open space, and culture. On the other end of the scale are its low scores for retail, primary and secondary education and coast proximity. Whats dragging down its overall rank most is the very high crime score, which is the third worst in the city. Narre Warren Norths best assets are its decent open space and the fact its roads are rarely busy. The population figures used to calculate population coverage and crime rates are based on population data from the Of the property crimes, the estimated number of burglary offenses decreased 9.5 percent, and larceny-theft offenses declined 2.8 percent. The suburbs best assets are its good score for traffic congestion, decent proximity to the coast and adequate retail sector. South Kingsville is a small suburb between Spotswood and Newport. Hampton needs more open space to rate better overall. The suburbs overall liveability rank is most affected by being far from the coast, followed by low employment and distance to schools. Kealbas name derives from two of its neighbouring suburbs Keilor and StAlbans. The suburb gets points for being close to the coast and experiencing few congested roads, but Altona Meadows needs more tree cover and better proximity to schools to achieve a good overall rank on this list. The suburb also has a decent amount of open space due to Darebin Creek Forest Park running along its border. Located 13 kilometres north-west of the city, Niddrie residents can rely on its shopping facilities, cafes and trams and enjoy a hilly landscape. What Werribee is lacking most is tree cover (where it ranks the second worst in the city), followed by topographic variation, proximity to schools, and culture. February 27, 2023 new bill passed in nj for inmates 2022 No Comments . The amount of tree cover and open space are also above average. Mount Evelyn is 37 kilometres north-east of the CBD and follows Lilydale. Roxburgh Park borders Craigieburn and is 20 kilometres north of the city. It is also easily accessible by train and has a low crime rate. Ivanhoe East has entered the top 50 largely because of its crime rate second lowest in Melbourne for the purposes of this study. Mulgraves neighbour Wheelers Hill has a low crime rate, plus abundant open space, a hilly landscape and great proximity to schools. The number of homicides stood at 166 - an increase of 6 compared to 2018. There were 11,966 incidents of robery, rape, murder, and aggravated assault in the state in 2018, a 2.9% increase from the previous year. What drags down its overall score are congested roads, the flat landscape, and ranking last in the open space category. Where Malvern is less successful is crime, open space and congested roads. What it is best for is open space, where it ranks in the top 15 suburbs. The areas Ferntree Gully scores the best for are congestion and topographic variation. Cheltenhams liveability has soared due to a high proportion of the suburb being employed in cultural services, as well as being home to several cafes and Westfield Southland. The suburb rates well for culture and congestion, but is dragged down overall by weak scores in several other categories. The suburb has good buses, a train station, excellent proximity to schools and few busy roads. Residents who live in the suburb are largely car dependent because the suburb is not walkable. Ivanhoe is a strong performer for trains (ranked fifth) and topographic variation, but its weakest ranks are congestion and crime. Hughesdale also has limited culture, schools, hills and the roads can be congested. Its also reachable by tram and has copious amounts of open space. The suburbs lack of congestion and proximity to schools are also decent. The suburb only has a very small culture sector, and there are few shops, cafes and schools. It performs well for retail as the home to Westfield Doncaster, plus theres great tree cover and topographic variation. Box Hills ranking will improve with less crime and congestion, along with more schools. Upwey may be 32 kilometres from Melbournes CBD but it is still very accessible by train. Train and school access are both great and there are few congested roads. Doncaster is the only Manningham suburb to make the top 100 in this study. There are few congested roads in the area and it offers great proximity to primary schools. The suburb performs exceptionally well in several categories including cafes, trains, trams, employment and walkability. Macleods weakest points are the lack of walkability, few shops, and its proximity to schools. Otherwise, the suburb records average scores at best, with poor ranks in several areas. Keysborough relies on buses for public transport, the employment rate is low, and there is limited proximity to schools. Retail is in strong supply in Maidstone thanks largely to the proximity of nearby Highpoint Shopping Centre. The area scores well for culture, trains, topographic variation and experiences minimal traffic even at peak times. There are few areas it doesnt do well in, with the exceptions of crime and congestion. People from Netherlands (1%) like to live in this suburb. Postcodes with less than 1,000 households are excluded from the top 10 ranking and all crime statistics are between July - June. To complement this release, please also refer to the following table: South Morang has an excellent amount of open space and great topographic variation. Hawthorn is a relatively sold all-rounder: it ranks in the top 50 for culture, retail, cafes, employment, tree cover and walkability, and eighth for trams. Tullamarine has well-sized retail and culture sectors and great proximity to schools. It also ranks in the top 10 suburbs for topographic variation, congestion and crime, plus there is plenty of open space. Seddons small neighbour, Kingsville has a good employment score, ample tree cover, decent access to bus services and a low crime rate. Africa: Saint Helena; Americas The lowly rank for proximity to schools and minimal public transport access drags down Templestowes overall liveability. It is an average performer in most other categories assessed, however, with low scores for coast proximity and open space. Gowanbrae could also improve in the areas of culture, employment and proximity to schools. Its only poor score is for congestion. Greater congestion is partly to blame for Elsternwicks lower rank than in the past. Briar Hill is a relatively small suburb sandwiched between Greensborough and Montmorency. Alice Stolz talks to Your Domain about Domain's Liveable Cities study, which ranks suburbs based on key indicators of liveability. Altona North may have a larger population than Altona, but its liveability isnt as strong mainly because of the lack of public transport (buses only). Positives of the area are the extremely good crime score and excellent amount of open space. Ashburton, located 12 kilometres south east of the CBD, performs most strongly for trains and walkability. East Melbourne Previous rank: 1 Houses along Grey and Gipps streets, East Melbourne. Bonbeach is on the water between Chelsea and Carrum, so it ranks well for proximity to the coast. On one hand, the suburb has a very low crime rate, great topographic variation and a decent amount of tree cover. Culture, primary school proximity, and employment are Heidelberg Wests strengths. It ranks middle of the road for several other elements, but is most affected by having limited topographic variation, cafes and access to trains. The suburb is a strong performer in the topographic variation category and does decently for crime and congestion. Otherwise, Burwoods liveability is overall relatively decent. Clarinda scores lowly in most other areas assessed, mainly culture, cafes and proximity to schools. Retail, trains, buses are all key strengths of Thomastown, and the suburb offers excellent proximity to schools. The lowest scores it receives are for crime (the sixthworst in Melbourne), open space and congestion. It ranks so well because of its train and bus access, proximity to both primary and secondary schools, low crime and few congested roads across a hilly landscape. The suburb is not walkable, however, and is lacking in public transport access and topographic variation. Fitzroy predictably scores very well for all other factors it is famous for including culture, retail and cafes. The area could do with more cafes and tree cover to enhance its liveability. Quality retail, cafes, trams, education are all things Essendon North residents can lay claim to. A historic rise in homicides in 2020and continued bloodshed in 2021has incited fears that after years of plummeting crime rates, the U.S. could be headed back to the bad old days, when a . elizabeth keadle birthday,